Meet the .PRO Domain Extension

For a long period of time you had only three options available for domain name extensions: .COM (commercial), .NET (network), and .ORG (organization). Slowly other extensions — also known as Top Level Domains (TLDs) began to trickle in: .WS, .INFO, .CO.UK, .AU, etc. Today dozens of domain name extensions are available, and anyone can register them, though the prices will vary, often dramatically, from one .TLD to another (for instance, a .COM may run you about $10 per year, but a .NU is about $25 per year, and requires a minimum 2-year registration period).


Now you can also consider the .PRO domain name extension. .PRO was once available only for certain professionals to register, but now anyone can register a .PRO so long as they have a valid license or credentials certifying that they are a business professional.

Should you register a .PRO? For small businesses and businesses just starting out, the answer is a resounding yes. Building a reputation means establishing yourself as reputable and gaining the trust and eventual loyalty of your customers; having a .PRO domain proves that you have had your business credentials verified by at least one non-affiliated company. Another reason is that the name you ideally want may not be available in a .COM or .NET or even .ORG, but due to the restrictions may be available in a .PRO extension.

One of the greatest things about having a .PRO domain name extension is that it’s an exclusive TLD, and it’s one of the TLDs from Network Solutions, as well as other domain name registrars. While anyone under the sun can register any .COM name they’d like, it takes a licensed and accredited business owner to be able to register a .PRO domain name.

Once you’ve registered your desired .PRO domain name, you can grab the other .TLDs if they’re available, and then use domain forwarding to point all of the other domains to the .PRO extension. For added credibility, make sure you get a verified Twitter account and a professional Facebook page to go along with your new domain, and make sure that all of your contact details are up to date and readily available on all of your websites.


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