Offsite Storage Solves Onsite Space Problems

As companies begin to take advantage of renewed optimism in the market place, they must still be in control of their costs even though they may be able to increase their market share significantly. On the one hand, there is no longer the need to generate as much paper as before. On the other hand, companies that need room to expand may decide it can be done by using offsite storage as well as converting documents into electronic form for ease of access. It is one way to free up space in your existing office; an extra desk may fit in easily where several filing cabinets were once needed, but no more.


Statutory requirements

Every company has a statutory obligation to keep certain documents for a defined period of time. That does not mean those documents need to be available in an instant. Documents that no longer play a current role in the running of a business can be boxed and stored away securely. A bar code system will mean they are retrievable quickly if required. Over time you may be happy to have old documents shredded and sent for paper recycling. That is something that you are likely to be able to arrange through the storage company.

Secure location

Storage companies often provide bespoke boxes that fit into the racks in their facility. It is a service that is available in most parts of the UK. They are likely to offer an indexing service if required and of course transport that will take the boxes from a business to be stored at a convenient location. You will certainly want to know more about the site in which your documents will be held. Security must include alarms and CCTV which is the first barrier to intrusion. Alarms that link to the police and the fire service are ideal and guarantee a quick response should any problem arise.

Vetted staff

In addition, you will want to be certain that the staff employed by such a service company has been properly vetted so that there will be no problems within the site itself. The company should include a supervision procedure over anyone visiting the site. Companies like have a defined procedure in place for a company that requires documents in storage. The barcode system will immediately locate the relevant box and it can be delivered back promptly.

Quality service companies build up their reputation based upon the speed of action and they are likely to demonstrate that from the very beginning. Your questions must be addressed and answers provided with sufficient details for you to seriously think about offsite storage. The storage company should be working to agreed standards as further evidence that you are definitely on the right lines.

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