Online and Offline Business Security Essentials

Starting a business requires substantial investment, manpower training, inventory, and a sound marketing plan. However, running a business is a different matter. To protect the investment and the inventory, business owners should have sustainable alarm systems  — both online and offline.

Traditional security measures involve protecting the business premises from theft and other forms of destruction, some of which are covered in this article by Kent police. Some of these measures include installing high-quality locks, reinforcing walls and display windows, and keeping a fireproof safe for cash and important business documents.

Installing CCTV cameras is also a good option so as to keep an eye not just on the walk-in clients, but also the employees. It is also useful in case the business deals with a large inventory of goods, which can be a daunting task to manage if the owner employs just a handful of employees. However, a CCTV security system requires reliable video management software for its efficiency.  There are also accounting programs that enable business owners to track their inventory of stocks and manage financial matters to minimize losses from employee mistakes or actions like employee theft.

Traditional security measures refer not only to hardware and equipment, but also involve the people. Hiring a security guard comes foremost in mind when talking about business security. It is equally as important to train the other employees on proper security procedures in case of robbery or any other crime committed within the premises.

It is also vital to maintain a safety procedure in case of fire or any other calamity. Important telephone numbers should be kept at hand including emergency numbers for the Fire Department, the Police, and the nearest hospital, among others. Taking out a business insurance against loss due to theft, robbery, crime, as well as losses caused by fire, flood, or other calamity, is also a logical choice for most business owners. This ensures that any loss they sustain will be indemnified and the business will not be crippled due to the loss.

However, due to technological advances in business processes, traditional modes of security are no longer sufficient to protect the business. As more and more businesses offer online shopping, it is important to provide secure online payment options for the protection of the interests of both the buyers and the seller. Businesses are frequently targeted by online threats including data theft, phishing attacks, and hacking.

Online criminals target email accounts to get an access to confidential business correspondence including conversations between business owners, trade and business secrets like recipes and formulas, and other sensitive information. Other threats include hackers who target computers to gain access to online bank accounts, passwords, PIN codes, and other vital information.

Some sophisticated online criminals try to gain access to security procedures employed by the owners to gain entry to the business premises, all the more if the business deals with highly valuable items. Thus, it is very important to install effective business security solutions to avoid these threats. Some of these programs ensure that outside access to internal information is prevented and offers functions that prevent employees from gaining access to sensitive business information. Some programs restrict the access of employees to unwanted websites while using the business computer. The trick is in finding the best solution to protect the business’ interests.


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