Schaeffer’s Investment Research Introduces You to Bernie Schaeffer

Schaeffer’s Investment Research was founded by Bernie Schaeffer. Mr. Schaeffer has been a fixture in the investment world for many decades and has made appearances in various media outlets including on CNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and Thomson Reuters. Despite being well-known in the investment world, his name is not a name that you yourself may be familiar with. As such, we would like to take the time to introduce you to Mr. Schaeffer and allow you to learn more about him.

How Did Bernie Schaeffer Get Started in the Industry?

In 1973, listing options first began trading in America. The first listing options started when the Chicago Board Options Exchange rang its opening bell. Mr. Schaeffer immediately saw the options market as a huge opportunity for investors, and from there, he worked hard to launch a company that helped investors trade. His dream became a reality when he launched The Option Advisor in 1981. He quickly had success with that business, and from there, his reputation grew.

What Awards Has Bernie Schaeffer Won?

During the course of his career, Bernie Schaeffer, the owner and operator of Schaeffer’s Investment Research, has been the recipient of many awards. The awards show that he has a knack for picking investments and helping other investors pick investments as well. These awards showcase his achievements and help you to see and understand why you should take his opinion to heart. Some of the awards that he has won include:

  • Recipient of the Traders’ Library “Trader’s Hall of Fame” award
  • Named “Guru of the Year” by TheStreet
  • Recipient of the Market Technicians Association “Best of the Best” award
  • Three-time winner of the Wall Street Journal stock picking contest
  • Consistently ranked among the top 10 marker times by Timer Digest

Why Did Mr. Schaeffer Start Schaeffer’s Investment Research?

Mr. Schaeffer has already had a long career in the investment industry. Despite his long career and success, he has recently launched Schaeffer’s Investment Research. Many people have wondered why Mr. Schaeffer did not simply enjoy his success and retire. Mr. Schaeffer has made a career out of helping people understand how to invest and helping them to make wise investments. He has a lot of knowledge to share, and this new venture allows him to continue to share and guide people, helping them to grow their wealth.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research is a company that Bernie Schaeffer started and is proud to run. The company helps people who are new to investing and those who have been investing for decades make smart investments. Mr. Schaeffer loves to see people reach their financial goals and investing helps make dreams come true. Reach out to Schaeffer’s Investment Research if you would love to learn more about investing or planning for your future.


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