To the franchise owner: how effective is your data warehousing process?

Why your data warehousing process is important and 5 ways that an interactive data visualisation platform will improve it.

Before you, as brand owner, can make big decisions, you must have more control and better predictability over projects, sales and operations from every source possible. A data warehouse is the storage area for processed and integrated data coming from all different locations.

Therefore, a good data warehousing process should provide an effective informational management solution that also considers other corporate applications and data sources that are external to your company.

All of the important data accumulating from different sources and locations must be used to help you monitor and drive sales performance from the beginning. This means that from day one, sales and distribution data must be collected accurately, organised well and, of course, analysed frequently.

If you do this well, you will have a million rows of data at your fingertips in no time. To make sure you don’t drop the ball, you will need to take advantage of an interactive data visualization platform. This platform must have:

  • A simple intuitive user interface, where assigned members of any team can explore and analyse information.
  • A simplistic operating system that can outline specific, important figures in a billion bytes of data without wasting time.
  • Easy access for all team members; this means being compatible across all devices, too.
  • Regular upgrades that incorporate new useful features and ever-improving designs.
  • Outstanding cyber security and continuous forward thinking improvements thereof.

QlikView, for instance, is an interactive data visualisation platform that allows users to build an intuitive comprehension of the space they are using, and so it takes them where they want to go, when they want to go and gives them the figures they need to see. And, by having a unified view of various data, available for the whole work-force to see, the necessary person is well-equipped to make an important decision on the spot. Find out more about QlikView, and 5 changes you need to know about QlikView 12.


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