Top 7 Most Common Types of Personal Injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime for various reasons. But some cause long-term physical, emotional, and mental effects to the injured. These are personal injuries.


Compensation is justified where the person injured will file a case against the person who was responsible for their accident or injury.


What is a personal injury?


Personal injury is a type of injury caused on the emotions, mind, and body of a person as a result of an accident.


Personal injuries may cause detrimental effects and serious financial burdens depending on the type of injury.


Let’s see some of the effects caused by these injuries.


  • Loss of income
  • Sensory impairments
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Physical injury 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Stress


These effects can affect how you live your daily life for good. 


There are different types of personal injuries as listed below in this article.



  • Workplace Injuries



These occur in a place of work and can be due to hazardous products, defective equipment, or dangerous premises.


It’s the employer’s responsibility to compensate an employee who got injured at work.


If the employer doesn’t offer any help, the employee has the right to file a suit depending on their state’s employment law on workers’ rights.



  • Medical Negligence



Medical negligence occurs when a doctor or health professional fails to provide care according to the hospital standards leading to injury of the patient.


Types of medical negligence are surgical errors, failure to treat, misdiagnosis, recommending the wrong treatment,  among others.



  • Misdiagnosis



An example of misdiagnosis is where the patient is said to have this particular illness, when in fact it’s a different one. Especially for those with rare conditions.


Oftentimes, when misdiagnosis is not detected early and corrected,  it may lead to injury of the patient. The patient may decide to file a medical lawsuit against the doctor or the hospital.



  • Motor Accident



If you’ve seen a car accident news or read on the paper then you know car accidents are very common.


Many car accidents lead to fatal injuries and sometimes death. Injuries such as spinal injury, broken limbs, damaged organs can leave the injured financially drained and psychologically affected.



  • Premises Negligence



Any public or private area that the owner has neglected and caused an injury to you or anyone who occupied the place is considered a hazard.


For example, you’ve rented out a private home in Los Angeles for your personal affairs then you get injured on the same premise. The owner is liable to compensate you because they didn’t maintain their property to ensure safety.


You can visit Los Angeles personal injury law firms in your area and get a lawyer to help you know if the case is viable to pursue or not.



  • Wrongful Death



A wrongful death happens in case someone dies because of the other person’s disregard or misconduct. 


These deaths can happen as a result of medical malpractice for misdiagnosis, construction sites, nursing home neglect, motor vehicle crash, and administration of the wrong or dangerous medication.



  • Product Liability Negligence



Suppose a boat malfunctions and people fall in the water and get injured during a boat ride.


Do you know that would be product liability negligence? Because the boat owner failed to check for the boat’s functionality before handing it over, and people got injured instead.


Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are liable for any form of injury caused to their consumers due to their negligence.


In conclusion


Personal injuries can take place without you expecting them. So it’s important for you to be careful and always lookout for any signs that may help you prevent that.

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