Which Car Magazine Should I Buy or Subscribe To?

It’s not news to many of us that the newspaper industry is changing – optimists say this means that people and advertisers are simply shifting from print to digital, while pessimists are saying that newspapers are becoming as outdated as 8-track players or phone booths.

Interestingly, while the traditional general news media continues to find its footing (optimist talking here), the magazine industry really hasn’t been as hard-hit. Maybe magazines have been better able to make the leap between print and online better, maybe their advertisers still like spending money on a specific niche of readers instead of general newspaper subscribers, maybe readers still like the idea of leafing through something new each week or month.

Fans of auto magazines are no exception: most people who love cars or are applying for a new license for teens really love reading about and learning new things about cars as much as they can. Whether it’s new models and features; cool classic cars; tips on making their cars perform better, magazines are easy to read. Car owners also like ways to drive better and save money, so articles about defensive driving and insurance info are always appreciated, whether they are common knowledge or “cool new hacks.”

There are plenty of online and print periodicals on the market, from certain makes and models to general auto news for general auto enthusiasts. Here are some to get you started, whether you’re going to pick on up at the newsstand or sign up for a subscription yourself:

Car and Driver
Considered the most popular national auto publication, this one offers plenty of reviews and previews of autos in dozens of categories. Its ‘First Drive’ column is a fun way for people to get a sneak peek of new brands, makes and models coming on the market in the next few years. Its Comparison Tests are also useful for those trying to balance desired features and prices in their next purchase.

Hot Rod
Part of the fun of owning a car is being able to enhance it, which motor heads have been doing for decades. This magazine shows off cool modifications that owners have done to improve the look and performance of their rides, plus tips on how to make your own. Some fans say the “Barn Find” section is their favorite: it describes, sometimes picture by picture, how someone could transform an abandoned heap of steel into something street-worthy and eye-catching.

This company provides a range of buying and selling options for diverse types of car owners and car fans, including muscle cars, exotic cars, general classics, motorcycles or cars in general. It’s considered a useful resource to connect serious purchasers and serious sellers, especially for those who enjoy auctions, plus anyone wanting to chat with like-minded car fans. When you’re talking the classic car market, learning about defensive driving is vital – if someone is willing to spend so much for the car of their dreams, they want to take whatever steps they need to make sure it’s safe.

Road and Track
Inside just about every car owner is someone who really wants to floor it and see how well their car will perform in a race situation. True, few of us are willing to pursue the highly competitive and challenging racing lifestyle, but it’s still fun to dream and follow the lives and careers of other racers. Which is the point of magazines like this one that give readers the skinny on the racing scene, including what vehicles are going the distance. This goes beyond NASCAR to any style of motorsport competition. It’s perfect for those who prize performance.

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